Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Letter of the Week

Welcome to our version of The Letter of the Week! 

Each week will showcase a different letter of the alphabet, using that letter throughout the week to learn about things we like to learn about. I've used some ideas from this fantastic website and come up with a few of my own. Throughout the week we will:
  • Learn a memory verse from the Bible. Aaron and I have chosen brief passages that begin with each letter of the alphabet (except for x) and that we believe will be valuable to our children as they grow in their knowledge of and relationships with Jesus Christ. 
  • Learn and sing a song that relates either to the letter of the week or the memory verse.
  • Do an full-page letter projectWe will draw a large upper-case letter on a full-size piece of paper and decorate it with something that begins with that letter. I plan to photograph these to put into a photo book when our 26-week project is completed.
  • Enjoy several activities that correspond with the week's letter.
  • Read books that correspond with our letter.
  • Think of words that begin with the weekly letter.
  • Practice writing the letter of the week and words that begin with it.
  • Create a poster. Our poster will include our letter, the memory verse, pictures of things and people we know who begin with that letter, other words we've learned and talked about, and pictures Camille has drawn. These will also be photographed and included in our photo book.
  • Go on a field tripWe will try to find a local place or activity that we can travel to sometime during the week that will correspond with our letter of the week. This may be something that I take all the kids to during the day, or it may be a special one-on-one date Camille gets to do with either Aaron or myself (or grandparents, aunt or uncle, etc.).
We've decided not to go in alphabetical order so that we can sort of fly by the seat of our pants in deciding what letter we want to do when. I think this will be helpful for planning activities and such. Also, since Camille already knows the alphabet, I don't think it will be confusing to her to study them out of order. 

In case anyone is interested in joining us in this 26-week project, I will plan on posting each week's new letter and memory verse, along with our tentative letter-related plan for the week, on Sundays. Our family will focus on memorizing just the memory verse, but I will include its Biblical reference if you or your children would like to memorize that as well. We will begin our new letter on Mondays. I say tentative because one of the great things about homeschooling is that we can easily change our plans, skip a week if necessary, or even do two letters in one week if we're feeling ambitious. We might find that working on our poster at the beginning of the week doesn't work very well, or halfway through the alphabet we may discover a completely different format we want to use for our learning. Or, we might find that we don't like doing this at all. But either way, we'll post our plan on Sundays and then try to update throughout the week with the things we've been learning.
You'll notice that each week we do things a bit differently, but that generally we try to cover the same types of things. I will add links to our Letter of the Week postings here as we complete them. And let's all remember that the most important thing about teaching preschoolers is that they have fun!
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