Monday, March 28, 2011

The Letter of the Week ~ L

This week we are learning about the letter L.

Memory Verse: Let your light shine. Matthew 5:16
Song: This Little Light of Mine
Words: lion, Levi, light, love
Books: Mrs. Lather's Laundry, The Little Engine that Could, The Little Lost Angel
Field Trip: library

This morning after breakfast Camille did a lacing activity at the table while I washed dishes. Then she drew a picture of a lion with some help from Auntie Megan. Megan told her what to draw (circle for a head, a mane all around the head, eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers, four legs, and a tail).

Then while the boys were napping Megan helped Camille cut l words and pictures out of magazines and I helped her tape them onto our poster paper and wrote the words under them.

After lunch this afternoon Camille helped do laundry and just before naptime Megan read our l books to her.

We're only one day into this and I can already tell that Camille is enjoying herself and looking forward to the special little projects we have planned. Here's what we have planned for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: We will work on our "L" picture and will decorate it with leaves.
Wednesday: Camille will have some computer time where we will learn about lighthouses and llamas.
Thursday: Camille has school, so we might not do anything letter-related. But who knows!
Friday: Field trip to the library. Hopefully by then I will have decide what next week's letter will be and can find some books for us to read.

I'll let you know later how our first Letter of the Week week is going, and will for sure be back on Sunday so you can hear what we're going to be doing next week!

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Stephanie said...

Linked here from Diaperswappers - LOVE this letter of the week curriculum. I hope to start this with my 3 year old soon.