Saturday, April 30, 2011

Letter of the Week D (overview)

This week was somewhat of a whirlwind, being Auntie Megan's last week with us. On Friday she headed back to Tijuana to continue her ministry there. Even though we miss her already, we know that her friends in Mexico are happy to have her back!

This week we taught Camille what dimes are. She had fun putting them on her D page, and then enjoyed sorting other coins into piles.

Our verse this week, "Do everything without complaining or arguing," brought a bit of a welcome relief to the complaining and arguing we had been hearing from Camille lately. We're happy that she now has this verse filed away in her memory so that we will be able to remind her of it whenever necessary!

On Tuesday Camille accompanied her Grandma to the dentist! She even came back with a fancy new toothbrush, dental floss, a small pink kitty toy, and a green princess crown. Who knew dentists were giving out such exciting prizes these days?!

Wednesday evening we hosted a small birthday gathering in celebration of Levi's first birthday (which will be on Monday). Camille was in charge of decorating, and with some help from Auntie she did a great job. Levi also enjoyed the decorating and had himself tangled up in crepe paper in no time (no photo, sorry!)!

 Even Josiah got in on the D action this week and experienced his first driving lesson on Friday. Using the same seatbelt method that kept Levi in the little car last week, Josiah safely (well, mostly safely) enjoyed hurtling down the driveway and feeling the wind on his face. I think I might have another daredevil to keep up with!

Now that Megan has left, I'm officially on my own doing Letter of the Week at our house during the day. Wish me luck!

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