Saturday, April 9, 2011

Letter of the Week P (overview)

Planted pumpkin seeds

Made our P poster

Field trip to Papa Murphy's Pizza
Lunch: pizza and pink lemonade 

Glued pompoms on our P page

Went on a percussion parade around the block
Collected pinecones

Exercise: pikes, pillow races (with a pillow between our ankles), and puddle jumps into the hula hoop

Camille spent the morning with Grandma. They played at the park, painted, and got parfaits at McDonald's.

The seeds we planted last weekend are doing well and growing quite a bit every day. I took this photo a couple days ago and already some of the plants are four inches tall!

Throughout the week we practice the memory verse "Pray without ceasing," and we talked about what prayer is and what the word ceasing means. I explained to Camille how God wants us to always be talking with Him throughout the day and sharing with Him our joys and struggles. These days she loves deciding what prayer we will pray at mealtimes and especially likes when we all sing the Johnny Appleseed Song.

We've also had fun reading our P library books. Some of her favorites were The Puddle, Pierre the Penguin, All for Pie, Pie for All, and I Drive An Ambulance (which is about paramedics). It's always interesting to discover which books she likes and which she doesn't.

We've had a fun week and are looking forward to more Letter of the Week fun next week! Check back tomorrow to find out what letter we'll be learning about.

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