Friday, April 22, 2011

Letter of the Week H (overview)

Unfortunately we weren't able to do as many H things this week as we were hoping. We spent the better part of Wednesday and Thursday trying to get healthy. Camille caught a stomach virus and was quite under the weather all night on Wednesday.

We did manage to do a few things, though. As usual, on Monday we created the H poster. We're finding that the more and more she practices writing letters and words, the more she wants to practice writing. We're so proud of her and of course want to encourage her love of learning. So I'm sure you'll see more posters with her own picture labels.

She also had fun with her glue stick attaching hearts to her H page on Tuesday.

Each night this week (and even during the day) we've read Camille's favorite H library book, A-Hunting We Will Go! We've enjoyed singing the book instead of just reading it, and it's been the perfect way to finish off each day. It will definitely be going on our book "wish list" so that hopefully we can add it to our own book collection one day. Here are all the books we read this week:

On Friday we took a special field trip to the hospital that Camille, Levi, Josiah and Isabel were all born at. Their mom Kristy was able to join us, along with Auntie Megan. We tried taking a picture of the moms and kids, and well, you can see how well that turned out...

We walked around the Birthplace floor of the hospital, peeked in the nursery window and watched two sleeping babies, and had fun talking about what it was like to stay there when each of the kids was born. Then we went down to the NICU where Josiah spent his first six weeks of life and were able to visit with a couple of his nurses.

Back outside getting ready to get in the car we tried to snap a photo of the girls together. And yet again, they weren't much in the mood but were able to hold still for a split second.

It was a fun visit, and nurses who passed us in the hallways kept commenting on our bunch of kids. When they learned that all four had been born at their hospital they thought that was pretty special, and agreed that this was the perfect field trip for H week!

We all think this was a pretty fun way to wrap up the week!

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