Saturday, October 17, 2009

growing up

Remember last October when Camille thought leaves were for eating?

This year she has learned many more fun things you can do with leaves. Not only can leaves be made into a delicious tummy-warming soup, but they are also great for running through!

It's true. Our little Camille is growing up. I have a hard time noticing it on a daily basis, but when I look back through the blog archives I am reminded of what a big girl she is becoming. It seems like just a few weeks ago Camille was learning to roll over, and now I see her running around the yard chasing leaves and searching for the neighbors' dog, Shadow.

Each wonderful new stage, however, comes with its own challenges. While Camille loves playing outside, eating apples, and giving her baby dolls kisses, she's also develop a fondness of defiance. Yes, our sweet little girl knows how to use the word, "No!" with enthusiasm and spirit. She does the opposite of nearly every thing I ask her. And putting on shoes and her coat? Well, let's just say that this battle happens several times a day.

I'm afraid the terrible twos have arrived early at our house. But I'm even more afraid that they have yet to arrive.

But still. How can you help but completely adore this beautiful face? I can't. And so we work through the struggles and soak up the smiles.

Aaron is out of town for the weekend (more on that in my next post) so Camille and I are getting some extra quality time. Ok, that was the plan. In actuality, Camille doesn't seem to be very fond of me today and has been attached to my Mom's hip since she got up this morning. So I have been able to have some time to myself, sleep in a bit, and, well, update the blog!

I've just recieved word that they are on their way home from the grocery store, so I have to run upstairs and pop some sweet potatoes into the microwave. Mmmmm! I hope you all enjoy your weekend. If you live in the area, then I hope you're enjoing the "warmer" weather this weekend like we are! I wasn't prepared for October to be quite this cold!


Megan said...

And what a great face in the picture from last year :)

Kristy said...

Wow she is so PRETTY in these pictures! I see her every weekday yet forget that her hair has gotten so long! What an adorable little girl she is!