Saturday, February 27, 2010

gone in a flash

Last year I could usually get Camille to sit still long enough for me to take a photo of her. Ok, maybe half the time. But she was a trooper and was able to entertain herself in a sitting position for at least a minute or two. You know, long enough for me to at least get a few shots that weren't blurry.

But these days it's a whole different ballgame. After several minutes of coaxing, including bribing her with mini M&M's leftover from this, I was finally able to get this one single, non-blurry, looking-at-the-camera shot.

And then...

...she was gone. Such is life these days!

Camille's birthday brunch this morning was a huge success! She loved all the dress-up items she was given, and especially loved the Little Tikes cozy coupe car Aaron's parents gave her. None of my photos of her with her gifts turned out (see above), so hopefully I can get some from her party guests and post them later.

When she gets up from her nap we're going to spend some time outside in the beautiful sunshiny weather. I seriously can't wait for spring, but I'll take the sunshine over clouds any day! It sure will be nice, though, when we can finally take some outdoor photos (you know, so I can use a much faster shutter-speed) sans winter apparel. I mean, I can only look at so many pictures of Camille outside in the snow with her pink coat.
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P.S. Coming soon: More photos of Camille outside in the snow wearing her pink winter coat.


Megan said...

Love the action shot :)