Saturday, February 6, 2010

did you miss her?

Wow. I just realized it's been nearly two weeks since I posted new photos of Camille! Truth is, we've been pretty busy and I haven't taken many photos. We've been wanting to get outside to play in the snow, but until recently it's been much too cold. This week it finally warmed up a bit (you know, to the mid 20's) and Aaron and Camille headed outside as soon as he got home from work yesterday.

After determining that the snow was "sticky" enough to actually do something with, I brought out a pail and some plastic cups. Aaron and Camille decided to build a snow castle using the cups and pail as molds.

But of course, once you build something you have to smash it back down! Every time Aaron turned away to pack  more snow in a cup Camille would get a sneaky expression on her face (see above) and smash the one they had just set up.

Our time outside was cut short because we had to pick my mom up from the bus station. Instead of collecting her right away, Aaron and Camille got on the bus at the station and rode with my mom for about 15 minutes to a grocery store near our house. This is one of Camille's most favorite activities. I wonder how long this wonderfully cheap thrill will last!

There seems to be a few stomach viruses going around our neck of the woods. Aaron had it earlier this week and my mom now seems to have picked up something. In a desparate attempt to keep myself and Camille healthy, we (along with Aaron) are spending the weekend at my in-law's house. We were able to dodge a stomach bug at our house once already this week, I don't want to tempt fate by risking it again!

Now I'm off to see what everyone's up to. Have a great weekend!

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