Thursday, February 4, 2010

random pregnancy-related thoughts #3 and #4

Today I have eaten:

a yogurt parfait from McDonalds
a Cliff bar
a handful of green grapes
two corn dogs from KwikTrip
four apple slices
a sweet potato
some flank steak
a bowl of ice cream

* * *

This week our babe weighs two and a quarter pounds, which is roughly equivalant to the weight of a Chinese cabbage*.

I'm proud to say that I eat Chinese cabbage at least several times a year. It tastes delicious in my mom's eggrolls!

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Anika said...

mmmm chinese cabbage=kimchi! If you don't know, kimchi is a traditional Korean food made out of Chinese cabbage, spices and fermented. kinda weird, huh? So, your baby could be a spicy chunk of kimchi. what a horrible description! Let's just go with Chinese cabbage. :)
Fun update, Jenna!