Saturday, December 19, 2009

where dreams come true

This post is going to be short and sweet because I'm having issues with tendonitis in my wrist. Typing is VERY painful!

We had a really great (and exhausting!) day at the Magic Kingdom on Wednesday. First on our list was to find Snow White. While we were waiting we thought we'd snap a photo with Pinnocchio. As you can see, Camille wasn't too sure about him.

We soon found ourselves fourth in line to visit with Snow White. Camille was lucky enough to get the very first kiss from her that day! It was certainly very special, and Camille was proud to show off her own Snow White dress that Grandma made. (By the way, Grandma, Snow White told us to tell you hello for her!)

After a short ride on the train...

we soon found ourselves at the Dumbo ride. After showing Camille pictures of our last trip to Disney World (and her first ride on Dumbo) she has been obsessed with wanting to ride again. So we made it a priority that this would be her first ride of the day.

We also rode on the carousel (all five of us!) and quite a few of the other rides in Fantasyland before venturing out to the rest of the park.

Camille snuck in a 45 minute catnap in her stroller and woke just in time to see Cinderella ("lella") go by on her float during the afternoon parade!

We were at the park before it opened at 9 and stayed past when it closed at 8 that night. Needless to say we were all completely exhausted, but feeling very happy about the wonderful day we'd had. Camille actually ended up falling asleep during the fireworks while Aaron carried her in our new front carrier and sayed asleep as we exited the park, rode the monorail to the parking lot, put her in the car, got her out of the car, and changed her diaper and put her in her jammies.
Now that's what I call a full day!

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The Fritz Facts said...

How lucky for C that she got to meet Snow White, I am sure she was excited about that.

I can't wait to take our kids, they have been begging for years.