Friday, December 5, 2008

Florida: Part V

I'm back with another installation of our Florida trip blogging! It finally warmed up today and I was comfortably wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I'm definitely not ready to go back to a Minnesota winter on Sunday!

We got up early again (Camille woke up at 4 - She went to bed late last night, and the later she stays up at night the earlier she gets up the next morning) and got to the Magic Kingdom before it opened, just in time to see the opening ceremony. I'd been wanting to see it all week, but we kept missing it, so I was glad we made it in time! We went on a few rides while we waited for Bryan and Megan to join us, and then did a few rides with them at MK until we moved on to Animal Kingdom. We did lots of our favorites there, including Finding Nemo: The Musical, Festival of the Lion King, Expedition Everest (well, Aaron likes that one), and It's a Bug's Life. Then we went back to our resort and had some pizza for dinner. Everyone else is now at Jellyrolls at Downtown Disney. I'm told it's a bar with dueling pianos and its TONS of fun! While I'm sure it is, I'm looking forward to some down time, and since Camille is in bed I'm just going to relax, eat some ice cream, and read my book.

I'm not sure what the plan is for tomorrow. We'll probably relax in the morning, and maybe head over to Holywood Studios in the afternoon. We'll just have to see I guess!

Blessings on your weekend!


Camille and I by the Dumbo statue in front of the Castle
I rode Dumbo with Camille and Aaron today, and wished I hadn't!
I forgot to mention yesterday that Camille LOVED, ABSOLUTELY LOVED It's a Small World! Oh my goodness, she cooed and laughed and waved and jumped and danced her way through the whole thing! We just had to take her on it again this morning, knowing she loved it so much. Sure enough, she had a great time again. It was the sweetest thing ever :)
(I'll put a video clip of her on the ride in the next post)

Relaxing in the stroller, stretching her legs!

Enjoying time out of the stroller in Aunt Megan's arms!

Offering Uncle Bryan her paci!