Wednesday, July 1, 2009

wonderful watery weekend

We spent last weekend with Megan's family at their cabin on Lake Lida, which is near Pelican Rapids. This was our third year joining them on their family vacation, and we are so very greatful that they keep inviting us back!

I think we can safely sum up Camille's experience as "Wonderful Watery Weekend." She had great fun with all things water-related, including filling and dumping buckets, watching giant bubbles Daddy made, and playing in the lake. Yes, most of her time was spent in a swimsuit, and it was even common to find her running around the yard in just a diaper or completely (gasp!) naked!

Camille didn't seem to mind that the water was still quite cold, although she was a bit unsure at first.

But once Daddy started helping her skip rocks on the water all her worries melted away!

We did spend a few precious moments on the hammock. But really, who has time to relax when there's more exciting things to do!?

She also spent quite a bit of time on an antique rocking chair Megan and her mom found at the cabin before we arrived. It was just Camille's size! She particularly enjoyed rocking her sunscreen lotion bottle. She would set it upright, stand behind the chair to rock it (which would, of course, make it tip over), and resituate the bottle many times. So cute!

The first night we were there we skipped Camille's bath entirely. Big mistake. It ended up taking three hours to get her to go to sleep. The second night, we decided to bathe her in a big basin. Apparently she thought that was pretty fun...

It was a very relaxing trip (well, as relaxing as a trip can be with a toddler) and was just what we needed. But of course it is also nice to be back home. And even though Megan will likely be in Mexico next summer, we're still planning on joining the Riggotts up at the lake again!


Stacey said...

look at that beautiful family!

Seriously?! said...

So fun! Camille is growing so fast! Looks like you guys had a great time! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of her holding the watering can! Beautiful!

Megan said...

Oh, Lake Lida...I've barely been back 2 hours and I miss it already :) I'm so glad that you all were able to come up with us again this year... I love the photo of Camille's bath in the basin! And speaking of photos, ahem...