Sunday, July 5, 2009

beach babies

We had the opportunity to join some friends from church at a local beach. Actually, it's very local. It's just about three minutes away from where I work, and I had no idea it was even there! We were there for just over two hours and had such a wonderful time. Camille proved to us once again that she is truly a water baby. Not only this, but she is a beach baby, and took full advantage of wet sand and sunshine.

Anna, relaxing on her towel and snacking on string cheese. Mmmm...

Camille, scooping up water with her new favorite pail.

Nathan, feeling nice and secure in Daddy's arms!

Olivia, pulling Nathan around in the floatie.

Camille found another shovel which had been temporarily left behind by its owner.

Nathan was very tired, having skipped his nap to enjoy the beach.

Olivia and Camille filling and dumping pails.

Thanks for inviting us to join your family at the beach, Jonathan and Andrea! We can't wait to do this again!


Jo said...

Heya, another Minnesota mama here!

I hopped here from Mama Bear's site and I immediately fell in LOVE with your header. Your little one is absolutely precious!!!

We'll be at the MckPicnic too. Maybe we'll see you there.


Aimee Bakke said...

I wanna know where you went- it looks awesome!! What a fun day! And by the way I LOVE Camille's swimsuit :) makes me think of when the girls were little.