Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pushing Carts and Playing with Rocks

What a busy fun day we've had today! Between Camille's morning and afternoon naps we went up to The Depot in Minneapolis. My Mom is helping with a weekend fundraise there (WineFest) and scored some free tickets to the waterpark there. When we got there, we found both of my parents helping set up the room. Camille jumped right on board and helped Grandpa push a cart full of (empty) boxes. She pushed it with him all the way to the storage room and was very proud of herself!

We eventually made our way to the waterpark area. Camille wasn't so sure about it at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea once we got into the pool with warmer water. She didn't like walking in the shallow kiddie pool, but she had a blast in the slightly deeper one. Here you can see her sporting her new swim suit for the very first time.

I'll put a video up sometime tomorrow of her in the pool with us (it's on the other camera, which is upstairs).

When we got home all three of us Camille and Aaron took naps and then spent some time outside before dinner. C had fun exploring the back yard once again, and even discovered that there's a rockbed in her very own yard under the porch. Now she doesn't have to wait until we're at Isabel's house to chew on pick up and play with rocks! She also spent some time playing on her slide with Daddy and stumbling down the hill at the side of the house "Little House on the Prairie-style." (Aaron, I think you'll know what I mean by this.)

On a side note, one of my projects this weekend was to make a cloth grocery shopping bag. I found fabric at Mill End Textiles (I got to go there twice this week! I could hardly contian my excitement!), but plan on upcycling old sheets that aren't wanted anymore. Now I just have to find some! I looked at Goodwill but they really didn't have much. I'm sure something will turn up, though, in my garage sale-ing this summer. The bag in the picture below is a small bag (maybe 12 inches tall) that I made for Camille. Inside it folded up is the larger bag I made first, which is roughly the size (and design) of a plastic grocery bag. They really were fun to sew. I even used both of them today! My one concern now is that my Mother-in-Law will see that my sewing is improving and will refuse to sew some of the upcoming planned projects we've already talked about (most importantly of which are sleepsacks for a toddler who won't sleep without one)!

Well, tomorrow is my second Mother's Day, and I'm hoping to be better rested for it than I was for my first Mother's Day. Camille definitely wasn't consistently sleeping through the night this time last year, but I'm hoping she will tonight! But I suppose if she doesn't I can just elbow Aaron and make him check on her!

'night, dear friends!


Anika said...

Jenna, wow you're so creative! I really need to learn how to sew and be a wife like that someday!
Also, the pic of you and Camille is so darling; you both are beautiful!
Miss you!