Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm back....Miss me?

The Mommy Goggles are back! I hope you enjoyed my Mom's posts!


Even though we were expecting thunderstorms today, it ended up being really nice out! We took advantage before lunchtime and played out in the front yard (we've been temporarily forbidden from the deck in the back because it's been newly stained). The girls had fun playing with toys, picking up rocks, and toddling around the yard. But when Camille started chewing on the rocks I decided it was time to eat lunch.

Here, you'll notice her bruised forehead (Aaron likes to call it her Harry Potter scar). It didn't seem to be bothering her today, but it is still a reminder of how I need to keep a watchful eye on her at ALL times!

Yep, I'm pretty sure that's a rock in her hands/mouth.

Aaaah, it's so good to have C back in cloth diapers. She spent most of the afternoon running around just in her diaper. You know, we really cloth diaper because it is economical and it's better for the Earth. But I just can't deny that they are so darn cute!

We're looking forward to spending the day with Auntie Megan tomorrow. Maybe we'll take more pictures!