Sunday, March 4, 2012


Our little Camille turned four today, March 4th.

Years from now she may or may not remember her golden birthday, but I will cherish the memories always. We spent a good part of the afternoon exploring Swamis Tide Pools in Encinita. We planned the outing so that we would be there when the tide was at it's lowest, and the reef formations didn't disappoint!

We explored the sand and the water. We looked closely and saw all kinds of plants and creatures. We enjoyed the warm water in the places where it had pooled and been heated by the sunshine.

I prayed and prayed that we would have nice weather for her birthday. And this was the warmest day we've had in weeks! So splashing through the water we all went, enjoying the very light winds and about 75 degrees and sunshine.

We saw tiny starfish, many clams, and even quite a few anemones, which the kids were particularly interested in. In many places the water was less than a foot deep, so we were able to observe and touch the things we saw up close.

Camille has always loved going to the beach, but she (and Levi) really like that the waves were easy to avoid, and that the water was just the right depth.

Yes, it was nice to finally be able to spend time in the water at the beach, and not just dig in the sand. As much as we like being chased onto the beach as the waves come it, this was a much more relaxing way to enjoy the ocean.

At one point Camille was playing in the water with another little girl. The girl asked, "How old are you?" And without skipping a beat, Camille answered, "I'm four." 

It nearly brought me to tears. Just like that, three was forgotten. Three is gone, and in its place is four.

But you know, I think we're going to like four

Because for this birthday girl, four is golden. 

So, sweet girl, I wish you not only a happy birthday. I wish you a happy and blessed and golden fourth year of life. I look forward to watching you grow and learn and continue to develop into the little girl God has created you to be.

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Anika said...

I forgot that Camille and Jon share a birthday! Happy birthday Camille! It looks like a wonderful birthday. I would like to enjoy some of that warm sunshine right now. I suppose that some people there think you're crazy since they think that 75 might be "cool"?

Cheryle said...

What a beautiful 4 year old and what a great post. Thank you Lord for the blessing of children and grandchildren.