Friday, March 2, 2012


We've settled into a rhythm finally, so most of the time our day just flows right into the next. Aaron is working more predictable hours, and now that we are down to one car (Aaron's bit the dust a couple weeks ago) the kids and I bring him to work and pick him up most days.

We are enjoying the sunshine (with the occasional rainy day), the parks, the libraries, and each other. We sip smoothies, color pictures of princesses and trains, ride bikes, sing songs, color on the windows.

Camille seems to be slowly growing out of her three-year-old attitude/tantrum stage. Which is great because her fourth birthday is just a couple days away. We have no formal birthday party planned, but have a day of fun-filled activities on Sunday. Then next week we are going to have a princess picnic with some friends at the park.

Yes, I am enjoying this new rhythm we've found. I'm enjoying time spent with my husband, children, and parents. I'm enjoying morning family snuggle time in our bed. I'm enjoying quite time in the evenings after the kids are in bed. And I'm enjoying (most of) the time in between.

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Cheryle said...

These are the kind of "love filled" days God intended for you.