Sunday, May 29, 2011


It may sound silly, but I never imagined myself as the mother of a blonde-haired child.

I guess I just always pictured my kids as having hair similar to my color. And since Camille's hair is pretty medium-brown I suppose I figured any future kids hair would be the same. 

Enter Levi. Sweet newborn boy with a head of hair very similar to how his sister's was when she was born, if not slightly darker and thicker.

But this sweet (nearly thirteen-month-old) boy is getting blonder by the day.

Slowly but surely his lovely locks are lightening.

It really should come as no surprise to me, considering his daddy had very light hair as a child. 

And yet, whenever someone says to me, "Wow! Look how light his hair is getting!" I find myself caught off-guard. 

And for some odd (but very special) reason, my heart swells with pride.

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Anonymous said...

We were also surprised with two blondies and a redhead. Both my husband and I are chestnut brown. Aren't genetics fun?
Although I do get tired of the, "What? Where did that come from?!" questions from strangers. LOL