Monday, May 30, 2011

eight things we learned (or had confirmed)...

...on our visit to San Diego last week:

1. Camille will still smile for the camera, but only when told not to.

2. Southern California has some breathtaking sights. The view from our bedroom window and porch at the resort made for quite a nice way to start and end the day.

3. Camille loves the water. Period.

4. Levi and my mom share more than just a birthday. They also share a dis-like for all things beach.

5. My dad is the only person in our family who won't torture Levi by trying to put him on the sand (or in the ocean, or in the pool).

6. Little resort friends whose Grandpas play golf made for perfect three-year-old entertainment (and Camille's first golf cart ride)!

7. There is at least one road in California that shares Camille's name.

8. Suckers should be renamed lifesavers (and one should not hesitate to give one to a 12 month old who is sick and tired of being on an airplane).

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