Tuesday, May 24, 2011

sunday school

Last weekend was Camille's last day of Sunday School. The "Parents & 2's" class has had so much fun getting to know each other since January, and I'm sad that we won't be around next year (or for several years) to see this great group of kids grow up together. 

They ended the year with a party, and each child was allowed to bring one toy to share with the class. It seems every week one kid or another was telling teacher Steph about something at home, and she wanted them to have a chance to share.

After sharing time and a little playtime, Steph brought out cupcakes for the kids to have as a special treat. It was so cute watching the kids as she set down the tray of cupcakes! They were literally drooling in anticipation!

After all the cupcakes were handed out, everyone prayed together, and then the crazy cupcake-eating commenced.

Thanks, Steph, for being an amazing first Sunday School teacher for these kids! Your patience with them and caring for them was right from your heart, and you have been a true blessing to all of us. And thanks, Anna, for sharing your mom with us. Camille is blessed to have you for a friend!

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