Thursday, February 11, 2010

big girl bed update

Alternately titled: Could it really be this easy?

Camille has now spent four nights in her big girl bed - a full size mattress on the floor in her room. And I just have to wonder, could it really be this easy? I mean, seriously.

She crawls into bed.

I read her a Bible story and another story.

I turn off her light and turn on her music.

I lay down with her for all of 30 seconds.

I kiss her goodnight.

I leave.

And she stays in bed. All night. She's been waking up a bit earlier in the morning than usual. But she stays in bed until I come in (which is sometimes 20 or 30 minutes after she's woken up).

One of these days she's going to figure out that she can get out of bed. But in general I think she just really likes being in bed. She always liked her crib too, and never once attempted to escape.

Camille also loves playing on her big girl bed. She gathers all her bedtime things (Bunny Bear, blankie, green blanket, a baby doll or two, her sippy cup) and puts them all in bed.

And when she has them all arranged just so, she crawls into bed with them and delares, "Ni' night!"

Sometimes her boots go in bed with her.

Sometimes she leaves them on the floor.

So needless to say, the big girl bed is going well at our house. I know (I'm no dummy) that there will be challenges associated with not having her caged in a crib anymore. But for now I'm just completely impressed that this transition phase could go so smoothly.

What a kid!

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Megan said...

She's just like her mommy...she loves her bed!

Kami said...

I love it! What a sweet little girl :)