Monday, January 4, 2010


Remember this photo? It's currently framed on Aaron's desk at work, right next to a clay imprint of her hand. Both are from when Camille was two months old.

Well, she's grown. At 22 months old, Camille now fills the laundry basket.

It's hard to believe that in exactly two months our little Camille will be two years old!

I've been doing some growing myself these days, I'm proud to say! My belly is getting bigger, my clothes are getting tighter, and getting comfortable in bed at night has become quite the chore. Aaron is happy, I'm sure, that I have yet to need the number of pillows I was using by the end of my last pregnancy! He's also glad we have a king size bed to accomodate said pillows.

Care to guess how many pillows I was using the night before Camille was born?

I have many other photos and stories to share with you from the past week, but alas, it is nap time. And I need a nap. So you'll just have to wait paitiently for another update either tonight or tomorrow!

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Through Grand-ma Goggles said...

Will you take an annual picture in the laundry basket? I'd like to see her at 10, 16, and 26 posing from the basket!

GAMZu said...

Seven pillows!
Three under the head, one under the stomach, one propping the back and two between the knees. :D
Did I win? Did I? ;)