Monday, January 4, 2010

what we've been up to

I wanted to share with you the pillow and blanket Aaron and I gave Camille for Christmas.

I custom ordered the bamboo velour blanket from a work-at-home-mom who sells her beautifully dyed goodies online. Then I went to the fabric store and picked up this adorable (and matching!) flannel print out of the clearance bin and made her a lovely Camille-sized pillow for her to use in her crib. She's had a quillo (you know what that is, right?) in her crib as a pillow for quite a while now, but I thought it was time she had an upgrade! It amazes me that some nights I put her to bed and she plays in there for 30 minutes or more before she falls asleep. But when I go to check on her before I go to bed her head is on the pillow right where it should be!


We've kept pretty busy this past week, and I finally realized that I hadn't been keeping you up to date! Camille's been busy making good use of her Christmas presents. She recieved a puzzle/book of ballerinas from Aaron's cousin Teresa and has fallen in love with the characters. Her favorites are Odette, Aurora and Clara. She loves taking the pieces out of the puzzle and placing them into their spots on the book's pages.

We've also had fun getting back in to full-time cloth diapering. With me out of a job, we're trying to save money as much as we can. And now that I can stay up later than 8 pm (which is when I was going to bed at the beginning of this pregnancy) I have plenty of time to wash them every two or three nights. Most of the prefold diapers we had been using last year are too small for Camille, so we've been using the pocket diapers we had and are borrowing some from a friend for a bit because they're not currently using them.

There's nothing like a stack of freshly washed, freshly stuffed, colorful pocket diapers to bring a smile to my face. Well, except maybe the sight of Camille running around wearing nothing except for one of them!

Camille has also been giving my parents' cat Buttercup her "treat" (the treat is actually a pill pocket for her medicine) every morning and evening. She holds the treat as she climbs up onto the bed and gently holds it out for Buttercup to eat. Then Camille plays on the bed for a bit, slightly annoying the cat, and usually lets out lots of giggles.

And of course she can't get down before she tries out Boppa's pillow. You know, just to make sure it's still squishy enough.

On our reading list these days is the Jesus Storybook Bible that Auntie Megan got Camille for Christmas. I absolutley love this book, and apparently Camille does too because she will sit for the five minute stories without much fidgeting! She calls it her Bible and wants to read it every night before bedtime.

One think I love about this book are the colorful pictures. I also love the way the author paraphrases the Bible into kid-approved language while still holding on to the important messages.

Speaking of Jesus, Camille also spends quite a bit of time sitting on or in front of the fireplace hearth playing with her "dollhouse." She arranges and rearranges the people and animals all the time.

We often find this lil' guy in the kitchen, on the coffee table, or on the floor. Usually his manger isn't far away from him!

It's been a great week! I've really enjoyed having two long weekends in a row. But this past weekend was particularly relaxing. It's been so cold out that we haven't gone out much, and it's been nice to have Aaron home from work.
But today everyone was back to work and Camille and I were home just hanging out. You know, in laundry baskets. Anything below zero is just a bit too cold for me to venture out without a very good reason!

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Megan said...

a) I love the pillow. b) I love the picture of C with Buttercup. c) Odette! d) I'm so glad that C likes her Bible! e) I can't believe that you all haven't lost Baby Jesus yet. f) HOW did C get so big?!?