Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

Yesterday morning, as Camille was drinking her morning milk, she noticed on the coffee table the Easter "pail" with a baby doll sitting in it. Those of you who know Camille know she absolutley loves baby dolls. So as soon as she saw the doll, she pushed away her milk, pointed, and said baby! My mom brought it to her and she snatched that doll out of the pail and gave her a huge hug. Of course, the baby went with her to the changing table when she got dressed, rode with Camille in the car on the way to church, and didn't leave her sight until nap time!

We spent the afternoon at Tom and Camille's house, eating lunch and visiting with them, along with my cousin Elyse and her boyfriend PJ. We had a great time with them! Camille (little Camille, that is) really took to PJ, and I think he had fun playing with her, too!
Even though it wasn't exactly warm outside, she still managed to get out the porch door in just her Easter dress (notice the shoe on the bench behind her). Eventually we convinced her to get some more clothes (and shoes) on, but it was quite a bit of work!


She spent a good 15 minutes going in and out of the house, usually being followed (or, more accurately, following) the big black lab, Indi (or is it Indy, I'm not sure?).

It was really a nice Easter, except for the fact that Camille didn't get an afternoon nap and took nearly two hours to fall asleep last night (we ended up driving her around to get her to fall asleep).
I'm spending the evening dyeing some of Camille's cloth diapers. Right now I'm doing red and orange. Tomorrow I'll probably do blue and green! Maybe I'll take some pictures of them to post when I'm all finished so I can show off my handywork!