Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And the winner is...One Diaper, Two Diaper, Red Diaper, Blue Diaper!

(The person who suggests the best title for this post will win a prize! Leave your own title suggestion in the comment box and I'll choose one this weekend.)

My diaper dyeing was almost a complete success! They all turned out beautifully, except for a few that didn't dye evenly. But I'd say for a first attempt it went pretty darn well. On Monday night I did the reds/pinks/oranges. Last night I did blues/greens.

And I tell you, my arm, neck and back muscles are definitely feeling it after two straight nights of wringing out diapers. Diaper dyeing is quite the process. Lots of mixing, stirring, wringing, rinsing, wringing, rinsing, wringing, rinsing...You get the idea. Then I had to run them through the washer several times to make sure the color wouldn't bleed anymore. Actually, I still need to wash them a few more times because I think there's still residual dye in them.

But, like many things in life, the grunt work made the results that much more wonderful. I think the diapers turned out beautifully! I actually can't wait to do some more (although I will wait until my muscles recover).

Camille wanted to arrange the diapers so I could take a picture of them for you lovely people to see. This was her set-up...

I had other ideas...

You be the judge. It's actually a tough call, I know.

Please note that in my set up some of the diapers are missing. I'll give you one guess as to who had them. Also, this is just a small sampling of the diapers I dyed. I actually dyed about 30 diapers (and one formerly white/currently dark pink onesie).

We're enjoying the beautiful weather God has blessed us with this week. It really doesn't get much better than sunny and 70!

Unfortunately, with nice weather comes owies. Camille got her first owie of the season when she tripped over her own shoe and fell down on the driveway. It wasn't bad, but she did get a nice little scrape on her leg (don't worry, no blood). But luckily Mommy and Grandpa were right there to kiss it (oh no, I actually don't think I kissed it - what a bad Mommy I am!) and brush her off (yes, we did really brush her off). I even took a picture of it, but it's so minor that you can't see it in the photo. Does that make me a bad Mommy if I take pictures of her owies? Hmmm...


Megan said...

"Darling Diapers and Springtime Scrapes"

Team Hagen said...

"One diaper Two diaper Red diaper Blue diaper"

~ Kat