Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Through my blog-surfing this evening I happened upon this blog... http://www.mycharmingkids.net/. I often go blog-surfing, usually by linking through blogs other I already follow. And I don't actually remember the path I took to come upon this blog. The woman who writes it, MckMama, is a mother of four young kids. I read her "Aboug Me" and really resonated with her. She cloth diapers her kids (most of the time), makes sure they eat healthy, makes their babyfood, lives in the Frozen Tundra, and is a photographer. And on top of all this, she is truly a Godly woman. It is evident from every word that she writes that she is filled with faith and love for her Father.

I then began reading her blog, and discovered that her littlest son, four-month-old Stellan, is very sick right now.

So, if you would please, I ask you to pray for him without ceasing. I really feel that God specifically brought me to this blog today because they are in need of more prayer warriors. My heart is aching tonight for this baby boy. Pray for Stellan's complete healing. Pray that his heart will be renewed and strengthened. Pray for a miracle, and believe in your very soul that God will perform a miracle. What is impossible for us is NOT impossible with God!

I encourage you to read this blog and keep this family in your constant prayers. And above all have faith that he can be healed!