Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Official...

Camille has a TOOTH!

That's right, folks, Camille has cut her first tooth! I honestly thought this day would never come. She's been showing signs on and off of teething since she was four months old: drooling, chewing, fussing, runny nose, everything else. But she's been completely normal lately. No drooling. No chewing. No runny nose. No fussing. I haven't even bothered to check for teeth this past week. But just a few minutes (literally, moments ago) ago my Mom announced that she found a tooth! She had been doing her semi-daily tooth check on Camille and was VERY surprised to discover that a tooth had cut through. Hooray for Camille! There's no denying her toddlerhood now (sniffle, sniffle...).