Saturday, January 31, 2009

What? 41 degrees? Really?!

So this is what a Minnesota winter should be like! Right now the thermometer is reading 41 degrees, and we are in January heaven! We jumped at the opportunity to go outside, throw the ball for Ginger, and let Camille experience the great outdoors. It's such a beautiful day outside!

Luckily we had our camera here...Get ready for a whole ton of pictures!

Walking around on the deck

It sure is bright out here!

The first time she's really been able to touch the snow

Hmm, let's see how it tastes!

Ginger, waiting for the ball

Watching Ginger run after the ball

Playing with Mommy!

Chasing Ginger to the snow patch on the deck. Guess who won...

We're enjoying the weekend so far! Camille spent the night at my parents' house last - it was the first time she'd been away from us overnight. We all survived! This evening we're having dinner with some friends, and tomorrow Lyla is being baptized. We can't wait!