Sunday, October 16, 2011

weekend project

I married a handy guy. There's no doubt about that.

Yesterday afternoon I proposed to Aaron the idea of building the kids a water table. Just a simple table with a basin set into it that the kids could stand at and play with water (or sand, or rocks or whatever). Something they could splash in on our patio at the new house.

After just a little bit of thinking, he got to work. By night's end we had not only a water table, but a picnic table! He built a separate table top that fits onto the table frame after the water basin is removed.

And by this afternoon it had two little benches.

The kids instantly fell in love with their new table. I think Camille has even forgotten that it is also a water table!

He built the benches just narrow enough that they can both be pushed completely under the table.

The kids had fun crawling over and under the benches, chasing each other around the table, and even sitting nicely at it looking at books.

I look forward to all the memories this table will bring.


Next on the project list: A waterproof tablecloth!

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