Wednesday, October 19, 2011

sticker boy

You may remember that when Camille was a toddler she was deathly afraid of stickers. It took us ages, but we eventually desensitized her from that fear.

Then the next year when I was pregnant with Levi she covered my belly in Lisa Frank stickers.

Well that same book of stickers has managed to stick around (pun intended) the house and has become a new obsession for Levi.  He definitely didn't inherit the sticker-phobia that Camille suffered from at first.

Now we are finding stickers stuck to everything. They are all over the floor. They are stuck to clothes, toys, furniture. I find them in the washing machine, in his carseat, on his tummy (yes, under his shirt).

I think his love for stickers will come in handy on our upcoming four hour flight. But I'm wondering if a sticker intervention may be somewhere in his future. 

My kids and stickers. They just can't seem to find a happy medium. But it's ok, because they sure are cute!

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