Wednesday, August 3, 2011

beach girls

Perfect weather days have been few and far between this summer, what with the heat, rain, and humidity.

But today's weather was perfect.

Aaron had the day off so we wanted to do something special with all the kids. We decided to venture back to a favorite local beach. The first time we were there was almost exactly two years ago. Camille and Isabel were practically just babies back then, but had still enjoyed playing in the sand and water. This time was no different. We stayed for only about an hour and a half, but they were in the water nearly the entire time.

The boys were beach bums and stayed on the blanket with a few toys and mostly just watched the action going on around them. Neither of them is fond of sand, so it was easy to keep them contained in the shade. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice out as well, so I'm hoping we can find something else to do outside!

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