Sunday, July 24, 2011

in which camille washes the soap

Alternately Titled: in which the rest of us get a few minutes of peace and quiet
Alternately Titled: Where'd all the soap go?

Camille has been really, well, let's just say active lately. More wiggly and talkative and mischievous than usual if you can even imagine.

So when we were eating dinner last night and she asked if she could go to the bathroom, we were more than happy to let her leave for a few minutes. Before she left we reminded her to wash her hands when she was done.

Several minutes later we realized we'd heard the bathroom faucet turn on and off quite a few times. She'd adjust the water flow, she'd run it full blast, she'd turn it off. Eventually I went to check on her. I peeked from afar and saw her happily sudsing up her toothbrush. When I returned with the camera I recorded while she "washed the soap" (as she later explained to us).

So here, for you viewing pleasure, is video of Camille washing the soap...

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