Tuesday, April 19, 2011

two loves

Two things Camille loves: 
  1. Her Auntie Megan.
  2. Making birthday cards for people she loves, even if it's not their birthday.

You'll notice that she's concentrating so hard that her tongue is sticking out.

And these days she's giddy with excitement that she can "write" birthday cards all by herself! Another person who is excited to have a new pen pal? Why, Auntie Megan of course!

None of us are looking forward to Megan going back to Mexico in just over a week, but it will certainly be fun writing her lots of "birthday" cards and drawing lots of pictures for her. 

And, as Camille says, "Auntie's other children need her too!" 

These four months have been filled with adventure and blessings, and now it's time for us to share our Auntie with her other children.

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