Wednesday, March 30, 2011

flour tray letters

Last week Camille had fun writing letters in a cookie sheet filled with flour.

It was a messy activity.

But messy is Camille's specialty.

She enjoyed writing names and drawing designs.

She chooses to use mostly upper-case letters except for the letter i.

Josiah and Levi munched on Cheerios and watched in admiration and wished they could dig into the floury mess with her.

I told them they have to wait until they're old enough to know not to eat it.

See? Messy.

But Camille wasn't the only one who got to enjoy this activity. Auntie Megan played with her and was even on the receiving end of a luxurious flour massage.

Camille learns best when she's actively engaged in what she's learning. She likes hands-on activities that she can do without help and she loves to get messy

So this activity was perfect for her.
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