Tuesday, January 4, 2011

whose child is this?

I sent Camille outside this morning to get some fresh air. She was happy to go out, and brought with her two plastic cups and a wooden spoon to play with.

She looked so cute sipping on her chilly snow cups that I just had to take a photo. Knowing that she wouldn't willing have her picture taken if she knew that was my goal, I sneakily took photos of her through the window.

And then, just because I like to torture myself, I slid open the porch door, stuck my head out, and said to her, "Let Mommy take a picture quick!"

And much to my surprise, she turned toward me, cocked her head a bit, looked right at me, and smiled.

And I don't even recall seeing pigs flying around the backyard.

It's a miracle!

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Kristy said...

So glad she let you take a photo! Maybe Isabel whispered something in her ear last week! :)