Sunday, January 9, 2011

little works of art

I've spent the past few days putting together a Shutterfly photo book of various works of art that Camille created over the past year or so. They're things that I would love to keep forever but know that I'll run out of storage space by the time she's in kindergarten. So I decided that photo books would be a great way archive them in a compact place. Here are the works of art I have in the book:

Just in the past week or two Camille has started drawing people. The first drawing is a picture of herself. Please note the pink head (she was wearing pink that day), the blue eyes and the brown "crazy" hair. She was very intentional about each color she chose.

The second drawing is of Auntie Megan. Please note the "big head" and blue eyes. Also, whenever she draws an adult she draws the head small and the legs long. When she draws herself (or another child) she draws a large head and short legs.

I titled the photo book Little Works of Art because I have a tote bag from preschool that my Mom had made for me to carry home all my art projects in. On one side of the bag are my hand prints traced onto fabric and appliqu├ęd, and on the other side it says "Little Works of Art." I've kept that purple tote bag and still use it frequently to carry some of Camille's things.

I'm looking forward to seeing how her art (and drawings in particular) change and develop throughout the months and years. It will be fun to look back through the books and reminisce with her when she is older.

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Shannon said...

Love it, what a neat idea for any family with young kids. I love her drawings of people. I wonder if it's because when she looks at an adult, she is looking up and seeing lots of leg and the head looks smaller because of the distance. When she looks at a child the head is prominent because it is closer to her level. Love it though, and the view into a child's mind.

MamaBear said...

Julia is going through an art phase right now and i've been wondering if a photobook is the way to document all of the stuff she comes up with. You must have scanned all of Camille's stuff? You go girl! I don't think I'd be able to keep up with all of it personally. I do hang on to many things and then put them in their school binders (each kid gets a binder for each school year with page protectors for each item) so my fav. get saved that way. The problem comes in when it's something big or awkward....

I agree it's fun to watch their skills progress...julia's been coloring 20 pictures a day for a month and just in that short time her abilities have exploded. I love it and am so glad I hung onto some of her earlier 'works'.