Sunday, December 26, 2010

future designer?

Camille decorated her very first gingerbread graham cracker house today! At a Christmas party at Aaron's grandparents' house, his mom organized a huge decorating activity for the grandkids. 

I only helped with a tiny bit of frosting, showing her how to put it on the walls and roof.

The rest she did all by herself!

And I'm not sure about gingerbread house etiquette, but I think it's ok to eat frosting off your own knife. Maybe not a good idea, but each kid had their own bowl of frosting so I wasn't too concerned.

Oh, you're concerned that she put a knife in her mouth? Don't worry, I only allow my children to put plastic knives in their mouths!

Camille wasn't the only one deep in decorating concentration. Valerie was also making sure to get her candy on the house  just so

Much candy was eaten by all. I'd even venture to guess that more was eaten than ever made it onto the houses.

But that's part of the decorating fun, right?

So here it is. Camille's very first gingerbread house! The finished product:

I think it's pretty charming, too! Especially the star-covered tree in the yard. And the marshmallow shrub on top of the roof. And the...

Let's face it. I adore the whole thing! I'm her mom, it's my job.

And it fits right in with her cousins' houses.

This is a talented family of kids, let me tell you!

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