Sunday, November 21, 2010

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On Thursday evening we discovered that Levi's first tooth came in! This...

was Aaron's attempt at getting a photo of it. Yeah right!

On Friday we set Camille's lady bug tent up in the living room. She spent the whole day in her jammies and was constantly going in and out of her tent. At one point she even had a 24 pack of toilet paper and a six pack of Kleenex boxes in there. She quickly discovered that Kleenex in the box doesn't make a very comfy pillow!

Her baby dolls took many naps in the tent throughout the day. Camille also ate two snacks in there. 

This is what Levi's hair looked like on Saturday.

Actually, this is how Levi's hair looks most days. I keep telling Aaron we need to get it cut so it's not crazy and long on top but he refuses. I haven't given up yet though!

Saturday we also took the kids, along with their Aunt Sara and cousin Lydia, to Curious George Live! Of course we forgot to bring the camera. But I can assure you that a great time was had by all. The girls especially loved sporting their CG chef hats (see photo below).

This afternoon Camille helped me bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I had found a recipe online that supposedly replicates our absolutely favorite cookies from Great Harvest Bread Company. 

Needless to say, I was skeptical.

But my assistant baker made the process so much fun!

And we only made a little bit of a mess!

And guess what?! Our cookies turned out perfect!

Auntie Megan will be glad to hear that we will be able to make these cookies ourselves to send to her. And if she's really desperate she can now bake some herself!

Whew, I think we need a weekend to recover from our weekend!

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Jo said...

Do you take orders on the cookies? I totally want some now. Can I play the 'I'm really huge and pregnant and pathetic' card and get some delivered? Hahaha!

Carolyn said...

You should post the recipe! I love trying out new chocolate chip cookie recipes, especially oatmeal ones. And those look super tasty! : )

adelantegirl said...

OK - I SOOOOOO need this recipe. My parents (especially my dad) are TOTALLY addicted to those cookies (although they get the ones with spelt, I think so they seem even healthier). My mom is going to be here for ???? and my dad for nearly 3 weeks. If we could MAKE these, HEAVEN!!!!!

Magi said...

I like how all you had to do to get a bunch of comments was post pictures of...not kids...but cookies! And, unfortunately Auntie Megan probably cannot bake them unless 1) they don't require brown sugar and 2) they bake at either a temperature of "really hot fire in the oven" or "off." Because my oven lights with a match and does NOT self-regulate despite having a temperature dial :) So, that said, you should get working on that 2nd care package :)