Monday, November 15, 2010

this and that

My birthday yesterday was wonderful! This year my Mom had an extra set of hands helping her bake my birthday cake. Camille had the time of her life helping measure, pour, stir and taste!

The cake turned out beautifully and was delicious! Unfortunately, it's nearly gone now and I'm sure it won't last until tomorrow.

In other news, Levi has officially joined Camille for 'big kid' bath time on a nightly basis. He splashes at the water in front of him the entire time he's in the tub. I guess the kid doesn't mind having water splashing all over his face!

Tonight with our dinner Aaron made balsamic roasted root vegetables. Mmmmmm.

And when she was finished eating her dinner, Camille fed Levi baby puffs. He thought it was great, and would even automatically turn his head and open his mouth when he was finished chewing, silently begging for another.

Levi's nighttime sleeping has been horrendous these past few nights, so I'm praying for a good night's sleep tonight. We're going to give him a few days to shape up or ship out (of our room, that is).

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Magi said...

I have several comments...

1) I love how focused C is on the cake baking!
2) I also love how Levi has practically ALL of his hair on the top of his head. It's like reverse balding...
3) And I appreciate that you clarified that Levi was enjoying the baby puffs, because in this picture he looks none-too-happy :)