Sunday, October 3, 2010

worth it

One of my kids smiles for the camera...

The other runs rides away from it...

That's just the way it goes these days.

Camille runs (or rides) from the camera whenever she sees it. Or she just stands there staring at the ground and pouts.

But at least her cuteness off-camera is completely irresistable! She's been saying the funniest things lately, and likes to address any and all members of our family as 'honey.' Sometimes she'll say or do something so off-the-wall that I just stare at her and ask, "How old are you?" And she, of course, answers that she's two.

Today we all went to another apple orchard. This time, without the intention of actually picking apples (we still have many left from our apple orchard adventure a couple weeks ago). Which was a good thing because they didn't have any apples available for picking right now (something about hail damage). We were going for the tractor rides, petting zoo, and apple sampling. And photographing.

So much for the photographing. Nobody cooperated. Well, these two did...

Yeah, I think they're really handsom too!

And we all did have a wonderful time. So it surely wasn't a lost cause.

By the way, the apple fritter we all shared was amazing. I could have eated four myself.

Camille fed fhe animals grass because we didn't have any quarters to buy feed. And she taught some other kids how to pick grass to feed the animals.

This fun outing meant today was a no nap day for Camille, and we were all feeling the effects of it by evening. But it was worth it I think.

No, I know it was worth it.

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