Sunday, October 10, 2010

a tropical heat wave

I'm not sure if the beautiful weather we've been having the past few days is more of a blessing or a tease, but we have certainly been enjoying it. It's not often we get 85 degree weather in October!

Despite Camille being under the weather she still has managed to soak up lots of outdoor time, especially on Friday and Saturday.

While I was snapping photos (with our returned-but-still-broken-and-now-sent-back-to-the-shop-again camera) of Levi's adorable angel kiss, Camille and Aaron had fun running around the yard playing (a two-year-old's version of) hide and seek and having a tickle fight.

Saturday was spent at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Everyone was there bright and early, ready to lay sod in the backyard where the pool used to be. Camille did her best to help out, and she especially loved carrying sod scraps around to show everybody. She managed to get plenty dirty, but it was nothing a bath couldn't handle!

We also joined my sisters-in-law at a local fire station for a kids' open house they were hosting. T-shirts, hats and hula hoops were handed out, fire hoses sprayed, stickers and cookies given out, and fire truck tours given. But what did Camille want to spend all her time doing?

It sure was great to see her smiling again since she hasn't been feeling well lately. She's been having on-going tummy troubles, coupled with an awful cold complete with nasty cough. For the past five days she's been running a low-grade fever more often than not. Today was a rough day, hearing lots of "My tummy hurts." Hopefully she'll turn the corner soon and be on the mend. Until then we just try to overlook the whining and offer extra hugs and snuggles.

Levi continues to be his happy laid-back self. Gosh I love that little guy! He's been glad to be back to wearing just a diaper and t-shirt for a few days but the forecast is calling for 60s by the end of the week so we'll have to pull his pants out again soon.

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