Monday, August 23, 2010

desperate times call for desperate measures

Oh the napping games we play at our house.

Josiah is sleeping in our room where there's air conditioning.

Camille is sleeping in her room, as usual.

Levi usually sleeps on his bed in our room, but Plan B was to have him nap on my parents' bed today.

But when I went to lay the sleepy boy down I saw a wasp crawling around the foot of the bed. Now, I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that having a baby share a bed with a wasp would be considered child endangerment.

In the wasp's defence, I'm sure it was a very friendly wasp. We've been having a minor wasp problem as of late and really haven't minded cohabitating with them (though I will say I hope that my dad will be addressing the issue soon). But I though making Levi sleep with one would be taking things a bit too far.

So, meet Plan C...

I know he won't always be this flexible in his napping locations, but I suppose I should take advantage of this while I have the chance.

This much I know is true: There simply isn't enough room in this house for three napping kids and wasps!

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P.S. Kristy, please don't be alarmed about the wasps. They really are quite friendly. And I promise I would never make Josiah share a bed with one!


Kristy said...

Good job handling the wasps much more calmly than I would! Ask anyone - I am illogically petrified of any and all bees. I have tried to rein it in since having children, because I don't want to teach my kids anything by running and screaming whenever there are bees around? Have you ever noticed that I don't have many flowers planted in my yard? That is why!