Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I never thought we'd be the co-sleeping type, but when Levi was almost a month old and I realized he was still sleeping in our bed with us (and nursing several times each night) I decided we should do something a bit more long-term so that we could all get the sleep we needed...but more safely.

Even though we have a king size bed, I still wasn't comfortable having Levi sleeping between me and Aaron, and I know Aaron wasn't sleeping as well knowing he had to be very aware of where Levi was at all times. But in order to get the sleep I desperately need, I still wanted to have Levi as close to me as possible for easy-feeding. Instead of waking up to a crying and hungry baby, getting out of bed, getting him out of bed, feeding him, and getting him back to sleep and back in bed, our nights go much more smoothly thanks to this...

We sidecarred the crib! So now I gently wake up to Levi's quiet hunger grunts and wiggles, slide him over next to me before he fully wakes up, doze off while feeding him, and then gently slide him back onto his own bed. If it hasn't been long since I last fed him I'll sometimes pop his paci in his mouth and often he'll go back to sleep without needing to eat. We all get so much more sleep than I remember getting when Camille was a baby and slept in her own room.

I love being close to Levi all night. But I also love that he's not too close.

We're not sure how long this arrangement is going to last. Like most other parenting choices, we'll just take things one day at a time. But for now we're loving our sidecar!

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