Thursday, July 15, 2010

four bucks

Alternately Titled: Through Toddler Goggles

What can four bucks buy you these days?

Well, if you're shopping garage sales then four bucks can buy you a brand new still-in-the-package Little Tikes toddler digital camera!

Camille had a blast snapping photos outisde this morning...

It's definitely no Nikon, but for four bucks I'd say it's a pretty nice little camera. With a little practice I'm sure she will be able to take more photos of people than of the ground.

So without further ado I bring you...through toddler goggles!

I just love that last one! We promised her more camera time after her nap. And wouldn't you know, she actually went to sleep right away?!

Talk about incentive to sleep. I think we'll be keeping this little gadget around.

You know, until she loses interest.

Which will probably be within the week.

But still. For four bucks? It totally made her day!
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Through Grand-ma Goggles said...

Watch out...this will lead to pictures that remind me of when you were a kid going around with our video camera: this is mommy's dirty kitchen...this is mommy's messing living room...this is mommy's messy bedroom! Do you remember that?