Friday, May 14, 2010

loving cloth

This little cutie wanted to model some of his diapers for you!

Aaron and I have been surprised to discover that using cloth diapers on Levi is actually just as easy as using disposables, and we have far fewer poo explosions. In fact, he hasn't had any poo escape his cloth diapers onto his clothes yet, but has had a couple when we've had him in 'sposies.

These days Levi is wearing good ol' fashioned prefold diapers. No pins for us. We use this handy invention called an Snappi!

And so his clothes (or our laps) don't get wet, we cover his diapers with one of our various diaper covers. Right now our favorites are the good ol' fashioned "plastic pants" - which, by the way, are made of nylon and are super soft! We also love them because they squish down nicely under his clothes and don't add any bulk to his already quite fluffy diaper.

We also love this cover by Imse Vimse. It's nice and soft and stretchy, and I just love the cotton velour stripes!

Well, sounds like I have another diaper to change! Guess you'll have to wait for more diaper pics :)

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