Thursday, May 20, 2010

last day of school

Remember what Camille looked like on her first day of school?

Well, she's grown quite a bit in eight months.

The backpack may have stayed the same, but its contents are different. No longer is it filled with diapers, pacifiers and blankies. Now it just has an extra change of clothes and her lunch!

Today was her last day of "school" at the mom's day out program she and her best friend Isabel have attended since September.

Both girls (along with a few other friends from their class) are excited to be a part of a summer program their teacher, Miss Debbie, will be running out of her home.

It's been a really fun year, and I know Camille is really looking forward to going to school again next year!

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loki photography said...

Was she going to "children's Praise N' Rainbow" at Chapel Hill?
....wait, that might not be something you want to put ont on the internet. Nevermind. That's where I go to church, I'm thinking I'll sign Coralee up for next year.

Keira said...

How cute! That is so fun to see how much she has changed!