Sunday, April 4, 2010

springtime fun

Spring has finally arrived, and we are enjoying it in full force! We spent much of this Easter weekend outside, both in the back yard and at various local parks.

Yesterday Aaron and I took Camille to a nearby park they had been to earlier in the week. It's big enough that it keeps her occupied, but not such a "big kid" park that we have to worry a great deal that she'll get hurt. I found her to be much more bold in going down slides than she has been in the past, and she very much enjoyed being pushed on the swings as well!

This morning we began our Easter celebrations with breakfast at church. For the first time in many years there were pancakes on the menu and I was absolutley thrilled! The church service got a little long for Camille, and it took lots of our energy to keep her occupied. Aaron was eldering, so my parents and I were on Camille duty. The wonderful people in the pew behind us also pitched in to keep her quiet some of the time!

After lunch and a nap Aaron's parents joined us at our house for some visiting and dinner and dessert. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed sitting outside while the brats and burgers were grilling. Camille and Grandma went out to the backyard and Camille parked herself in her usual spot in the sand to scoop and pour sand. I believe I heard that she even made Grandma some "chocolate soup" while they were out there!

Camille's grandparents also lovingly brought her an Easter basket! In it was Camille's very first bucket of sidewalk chalk. So of course she had to try it out right away.

She thought it was just the greatest, and I have a feeling we'll go through many buckets of chalk over the course of the spring and summer.

She asked Aaron to draw a picture of her, so he drew a lovely purple stick figure. Then she wanted a picture of mommy, too. As you can see, he was creative in this drawing and she thought it was pretty funny!

But alas, every wonderful weekend must come to an end at some point. Camille's now sound asleep in bed and we are relaxing downstairs. Even though we already had dessert (a brownie and some cheesecake) I think I may still need a bowl of ice cream.

Not much planned this week, which means that it'll probably go by too slowly! I'm still feeling well, although as my belly continues to grow I'm finding that moving around gets more difficult. Hopefully I can keep up with Camille this week!

Happy Easter to you all! Blessings!

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Megan said...

What?!? She has broadened her horizons from MILK soup to CHOCOLATE soup?!? :)