Friday, March 5, 2010

water baby?

Camille's been talking about "the Dells" for weeks, and has known that it involves "swimmin'." She's been looking forward to this birthday weekend ever since we first told her, and I'm sure she thought the day would never get here!

But alas, her birthday arrived yesterday. Aaron and I took her to breakfast at Perkins before dropping her off at school for a few hours. After my 32 week OB appointment, and some quick packing, we picked her up from school and headed out on the four hour car ride. She did great, took a decent nap, and enjoyed watching Curious George en route.

After checking in to our resort we quickly got ready to hit the parks.

But our normally boisterous water-loving girl has proven to be relatively hesitant on our two short waterpark adventures thus far in the Wisconsin Dells. Who'd have thought?! She's found a few things she likes to do, but mostly has kept herself to a small corner in one of the waterparks here.

This morning (after announcing several times, "I love pools!") we tried to go to a more toddler-oriented waterpark. There were wings and water tables, slides and geysers that I'm sure  she would have loved.

Had it not been for the giant (and I mean giant) bucket of water that kept filling and then splashing down on one area of the park every two to three minutes. She was terrified.

We even tried to take her on the lazy river. But she spent the entire time hiding her face in my shoulder and sobbing.

Not a fun way to spend a vacation, we all decided.

So back we went to her small, quiet corner of the other waterpark. Nothing terribly exciting, to be sure. But she definitely enjoyed herself.

She especially had fun splashing with Daddy, and from the look of it he wasn't having such a bad time himself.

Right now she's enjoying a nap on my bed (with her head on my pillow and her arms wrapped around my teddy bear). Wonder where I'm going to nap. Hmmm...

Anyway, I'm not sure what the plan is for this afternoon. Likely we'll check out the third waterpark when she wakes up, in hopes that it's Camille-able. If not, then we'll probably end up back at her waterpark! Which, I should add, was gloriously sunny and warm (can you tell from the photos?), and apparently even allows a few UV rays through so we can work on our suntans. Or not.

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