Saturday, March 13, 2010

operation: no more diapers DAY TWO

7:30 Woke up, went potty

8:00 Accident #1 - she peed and pooped in her panties

10:35 Accident #2

10:55 Accident #3

11:35 Was asked if she had to go potty, answered "potty" and she did

12:55 Went potty before nap

1:10 Nap

3:10 I woke her up from her nap and she was dry! Took her to the potty.

4:20 Accident #4 - pee and poop

5:05 Accident #5

5:20 Accident #6 - She said "potty" and when I asked her if she had to go she answered "no." Of course, she peed about a minute later.

5:30 SUCCESS #1

6:10 Went potty before dinner

6:48 SUCCESS #2

6:55 False alarm

6:57 False alarm

7:00 SUCCESS #3

7:23 Went potty before bath, as usual

Day Two Concluding Thoughts:

Today I decided to reward her for "successes" with two Reeces Pieces. So toward the end of the day she kept saying "potty" thinking she'd get a treat. After her nap she drank two sippy cups of juice, so that is why she had so many accidents (and successes!) in the afternoon.

When Camille poops in her panties we drop it in the toilet and flush it down, saying, "Bye bye poopies!" I'm hoping one of these days she'll figure out that we can skip the whole panties step if she'll just sit on the potty and do it!

I was so impressed that she stayed dry her entire two-hour nap! And I'm encouraged that she still thinks this is fun and would much rather wear panties than diapers. She's glad that the diapers are gone and is so proud to be wearing her panties!

Tomorrow we are planning on going to go to church, with her in panties. I have no intention of ever putting diapers on her during the day again. We'll deal with accidents if/when they occur. I'm not sure what that's going to mean for Thursdays when she goes to her preschool class. I may have to stay with her all day so I can bring her to the bathroom when she needs to go. I'll have to talk with the director and her teacher and see what can be done about that.

I'm considering getting some semi-waterproof cloth trainers for Camille to wear when she's at school or when we'll be out. The last thing I want to do is put disposable pull-ups on her because I know she'll think it's the same as a disposable diaper (which it is!) and I don't want her to regress. Hopefully I'll be able to find some that work for us!
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Megan said...

I wish I could have Reeses-Pieces for my potty successes! Or really for any reason at all...haven't found any here in Tijuana yet :( But, yeah Camilikins!