Friday, March 12, 2010

operation: no more diapers DAY ONE

**I've heard from several of you that I shouldn't be discouraged if this doesn't work, that she might just be too young. While I don't believe that 2 is too young to learn to use the potty, I am fully aware that timing is everything. I promise I won't be upset if this doesn't go as planned. But I am still confident that Camille can be successful. And if she's not successful, well I'm sure I'll love her just the same!

9:00 Woke Camille up, reminded her about today

9:05 We put her diapers in grocery bags and carried them downstairs to the closet

9:20 Breakfast - cereal with a sippy cup of orange juice (diluted with water)

9:24 Accident #1

10:20 Accident #2

10:56 Accident #3

11:13 Acted like she was going to poop, so we went to the potty. She peed.

11:25 Sippy cup of cranberry juice/water

11:40 Accident #4

11:55 Accident #5

12:25 Lunch - leftovers with a cup of milk

12:54 SUCCESS #1 - She walked right up to me and anxiously said, "Potty!" We hurried off to the bathroom and made it in time!

1:05-2:40 Nap time - Wet spot on her sheets (to be expected), and went potty when she got up.

2:45 False Alarm #1 - Camille told me she needed to go potty (even though she just went) but didn't.

2:50 Sippy cup of milk

3:43 Accident #6

5:00 Accident #7

5:40 Did the "potty dance" and my Dad asked if she needed to go potty. She did!

6:15 Dinner

6:50 Went potty before her bath, as usual.

Day One Concluding Thoughts:

Even though we only had one true "success," with Camille telling me she needed to go potty, I am still very encouraged by how our days went. Each time she had an accident I told her that it was OK, but that we put pee in the potty. Then we quickly walked to the bathroom and she peed on the potty again. So she's clearly stopping herself when she notices she's peeing on the floor and holds the rest until we get to the bathroom. And when she had the "success"? I sure praised the heck out of her!

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Megan said...

Yeah Camille for success #1! So good to "see" you both today!

Kristy said...

Camille, you are such a big girl! Way to go! -Here's to more success tomorrow! And Bel-Bel says "Yay Meel!"